Education Accounting

The education sector bears the vital role of shaping our future

Professionals in this sector provide sound education methods driven by the latest pedagogical practice and technological innovation. However, many educational providers are either under-funded or have their finite resources inefficiently allocated, and despite their worthwhile efforts, are often unable to deliver their best to students. Education is the future, and Horwood Partners want educators to be equipped in the best way possible moving forward. We want educators to have access to the resources necessary to communicate and perform their important roles effectively. Horwood Partners education accounting experts always endeavour to exceed your expectations of a typical education accountant. Our approach is valuable in the way that our intentions go beyond the average role of an education accountant.

A fresh approach

Horwood Partners have a refreshing outlook on your education accounting, business strategy and needs. We can seamlessly perform your accounting and tax compliance, audit and assurance service, business strategy, and more. Business strategy is a prime example of why we believe we exceed the role of a regular education accountant. Our ability to forecast economics means that you are less vulnerable to financial hardship, which is where our risk management is integrated. Business valuation, capital raising, and budgeting are all further services offered by Horwood Partner professionals. By implementing all aspects of our education financial and business management, Horwood Partners experts have the aptitude to create a foundation for ongoing financial revenue.

Horwood Partners can help by providing relevant value-added assurance services to uncover issues and potential opportunities, improving overall business practices. We also provide high quality financial management and strategic advice designed to be practical and achievable for educational providers.

How Horwood Partners can help

  • Accounting and tax compliance
  • Audit and assurance service
  • Business strategy
  • Business structuring and restructuring
  • Business valuation
  • Capital raising
  • Budgeting, cash flow forecasting and financial reporting
  • Economic forecasting
  • Financial and operational review
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Risk management
  • Salary packaging for principals and employees

At Horwood Partners we pride ourselves on providing world-class service as it aspires to consider all angles of your business. We understand that as an educator, your top priority may not be your financial accounting and business strategy, and that’s why we can provide support. It is understandable that educators invest a lot of time in their preparation of content for students, which is why we think it’s only fair that we take care of the business and financial aspects. Education is an investment in itself, but managing your finances with Horwood Partners is another investment all together.

Education Accounting

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