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Consolidate the grunt work of business management

Horwood Partners is proud to introduce Priority One, a complete business services package that takes care of the majority of your business administrative needs. Priority One consolidates the daily grind of business management – from bookkeeping, payroll and expense processing to tax management and business planning. Imagine not having to worry about paying bills or complying with a myriad of bureaucratic government processes! With Priority One, clients reap the benefits of our streamlined all-in-one service, meaning less paperwork for you, and more time to focus on what really matters – your business.

To get started with Priority One, check below for our most popular plan options.

  Compliance Compliance + Payroll Complete
ATO Compliance
Tax Planning
Tax Management
Business Advisory
ASIC Compliance
State Revenue Compliance
Workers Compensation
Payroll Processing
Expense Processing
Half yearly & Yearly reports
Credit Management

To get a free quote or simply to find out more, visit our Priority One website.

Transparent reporting

We provide our clients with regular reports so you will always have a CEO view of everything happening in your business. We will score every financial benchmark your business makes against accurate industry numbers so you can see exactly where you fit into the mix. This helps you to know how well you are performing, what improvements can be made and exactly how we can help you make these improvements. Know where your business stands with Priority One so every decision you make is an informed one.

Consolidating every aspect of business

Consolidate your financial and business services, and you can consolidate and reduce your fees. We provide Priority One’s all-inclusive services to help cover all aspects of your business and secure your future. We take care of the daily grind, so you have more time to work on your passion.

Handling your expenses seamlessly

Make your finances simple and stress-free with Priority One. We have a number of systems we can operate to pay your bills before they are due, so you won’t have to worry about your finances. By handling your expenses seamlessly, we can help you get back to doing what you love sooner, without the stress.

A catch-free fixed rate

At Horwood Partners we do not watch the clock. This means that you will not have to await unwanted or surprising bills. We charge a fixed fee for our services, you can rest assured our business with you will be transparent.

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